Banke Meshida Lawal CEO of BM PRO

Known for her outstanding work in Africa, UK, USA and the Middle East. Specialising in makeup for women of colour. Banke will share her journey of success and facilitates, taking questions from the audience.

This segment will be called ' An Audience With Banke ' an up close and personal interview by Eryca Freemantle .

Joining Banke will be with other phenomenal well accomplished individuals who will inspire you to be the best version of yourself.

Our conferences are held at some of the most prestigious venues in the UK, to date Houses of Parliament & Nat West Head office and others.  Our events bring together one of the foremost beauty influencers from the USA, Africa and UK on one stage to share their journey with a select audience of women from the UK and Europe and beyond.  We will hold debates on ‘The Colour of Beauty’ at the Houses of Parliament,

Beautiful Me is an event aimed for the beauty community and people  who are interested in developing themselves. Exchange of ideas and networking at the highest levels are encouraged.  All attendees are encouraged to nuture their beauty inside and out.   

E.A.T.O.W. usually host a formal power dinner for a small group of experts  at one of UK premier dining venues, providing a perfect bridge for new business and relationships across the globe.  These are closed events for industry experts only

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