Gayle Ngozi Thompson-Igwebike

Gayle Ngozee Thompson-Igwebike, is an ITV (THIS MORNING) model, who is booked for fashion and beauty segments on mainstream TV. 

She is one of the faces of Trinny Woodall’s cosmetic line, TrinnyLondon. 

UK based, Gayle is also, a Professional Actress and TV presenter with over 10 years experience in the fashion, beauty and media industry.


Having worked in collaboration with some top names in the fashion and beauty industry, her modelling experience has allowed Gayle to become a mentor and a sought after trainer to young and upcoming models to help ease them into the world of fashion modelling. 


Gayle has graced the catwalks of London fashion week, Africa Fashion week, International Graduates Fashion week and more.


She has achieved a measure of recognition for her works and acquired a number of awards to her name including; Screen Nation Awards for, Best International West African Female Screen Personality, The Creativity and Arts Awards for TV Presenting and modelling and is also a nominee on the Hollywood NAFCA awards for best actress in her current film role.

Her works include feature length films with multiple award winning movie directors as well as short films and Tv series.

Her acting talents also extends to theatre work and she has performed in a few plays in British theatres including the very recent 4-Day adaptation of, "The gods are not to blame" in the Kenneth Moore Theatre in London. 


Gayle can be reached via : Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with the handle; @GayleNgozee 

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