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Eryca’s career has allowed her to travel many continents in her role as a global beauty brand ambassador and strategist , however noticing a clear lack of confidence in the UK amongst brands who cater for women of colour  Eryca stresses women of colour and diverse groups  contribute both fiscally and visually to the beauty industry , she felt it was important to create an infrastructure that helped these same women gain an equal standing in the boardroom.

The USA & AFRICA has been pivotal in leading major positive changes in the way black  and ethnic products are manufactured and marketed, diversity programs in America have positioned many black women executives in leadership roles, these same women are reframing the dialogue around beauty and position as stakeholders in the industry.


Europe has a growing black and ethnic population, but less of an evolved cultural affinity with the fundamental changes which have led to the American progress in consumer products which face the women of colour. Having produced four successful events E.A.T.O.W via BEAUTIFUL ME series- we address the imbalance, by igniting an international sisterhood and inviting the US  and African sisters to the UK.

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