Eryca Freemantle – Entrepreneur, Business Woman, Creative and Global Beauty Strategist global mentoring platform embraces of tones of women .  There is no age constraints to this unique programme.  Eryca story touches women of all ages, size, religion and cultures.  


Eryca’s amazing life’s story will not only blow your mind but it will leave you to stop and look at our own life and realise you to can overcome most things    Eryca’ s Life Series is for all and not just restricted to women.  Eryca is known for her straight and direct approach to everything and everyone. She comes across to  be a no nonsense woman but she really is a softy at heart.  She believes in empowering all she meets, she believes in being kind and most of all she listens to everyone.  

Eryca is 54 years old and shares her story to those who want to lift themselves up from their own circumstances. Eryca says whether you are mother, employee, business woman, a boss, a friend, a wife, a sister you will be able to connect with her on one level or another.

A successful Global Beauty Strategist working with some of the most successful women in the world, a former makeup artist now a qualified counsellor, educator and transformational coach she wants women to learn how powerful they are.   To get close up and personal with Eryca Freemantle she will be doing her global Life Series bi monthly through her mentoring platform  There are limited spaces.  Participants can ask her any questions and she will do her best to be her best.  Please note she can refuse to answer any questions  she is not comfortable about.

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Mentoring Options:


OPTION 1: 2 hour session, on a Sunday at 1pm UK time.  £99.99 

OPTION 2: EATOW x12 Week Online Coaching for Start up businesses. £599.00

OPTION 3: EATOW x13 Week Life Coaching Online Programme. £499.00

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