Join us for our Monthly Meet-up’s both online and offline

The Industry Talks: Embracing All Tones of Women

Tuesday 19th March 2019  | 6:30pm - 9:30pm 

A live industry panel discussion on the subject of diversity with

leading business and beauty industry experts

plus Q&A Sessions, Members Deals, Opportunities and Networking


Forthcoming EATOW events in 2019 include:

The Power of Networking in the Beauty space

How to fulfil your potential in the Beauty world

How to leave paid employment to become a Beauty Entrepreneur 

How to build your Beauty Brand from scratch?

The beauty of insurance and setting up a solid business foundation

How to build a successful global Beauty empire?

The future; trends of Make-up, Hair and Skincare in the Beauty industry

Have you ever thought about Manufacturing?

Working with Celebrities and VIP's

Social Media can make you become a millionaire in a few short years. Come and hear how!

The relevance of Beauty in Entertainment, Film and Music.

Diversity in Beauty. Are you prejudice or ignorant?

Engaging with International Beauty consumers and creating international partnerships.

Even if you are a lone trainer or freelancer.

Banking & Beauty

Understanding Media in the Beauty Space

How to become a successful Beauty Blogger and Influencer?

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