Lisa Jane

Lisajane is a die-hard serial entrepreneur, award-winning and tenacious business developer highly skilled in global commercial, marketing and PR and business consulting with 25 years experience in the fields of commercial finance, recruitment and most recently Publishing, PR and marketing focusing on the beauty, wellness and anti-ageing sectors. A passionate business developer working with businesses that require strategic consultation for their growth, sales and marketing efficiency with expertise in start-ups, Global UK Launches (, GE Capital Warranty/Finance, and Travelzoo Local Deals), with a specialist knowledge in beauty, aesthetics, daily deal, luxury spa and travel. sales, brand development, publishing, journalism, brand management, communications, PR and marketing.

As Founder of Gorgeous Work (Byanise Ltd), Editor and Publisher of Totally Aesthetic Magazine now Founder of PR Clubs and Beauty PR Club, Lisajane is a sought after adviser to start-up and expanding visionary businesses; to promote launches, brands, products, services she is passionate about, and has repeated proven successes in turning around various brands, teams and businesses into profitable and high performing entities.

Lisajane demonstrates the strategic vision, entrepreneurship and commercial astuteness to drive innovation, business transformation and competitive advantage for national and global corporate brands. She loves to get businesses and brands seen, heard and sold both B2B or B2C. 

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