Laura Tarling

I started Watermill Media to provide marketing, branding and social media services to small and medium businesses.

The company has been created to draw upon my 12 years of experience in media and so far I have achieved incredible results in my career for both print and digital media businesses and exhibitions.

My introduction to publishing came in 2006, when already writing for various outlets including local magazines, I wrote to many of the publishing houses in my home town asking for work experience. The Publisher of Maverick Magazine, a country music magazine for the UK market, contacted me and asked for a meeting. We worked together from that moment on for five years. In those five years I learnt everything from subscriptions processing, magazine design, editing, interviewing artists, sales, selling through newsagents such as WH Smith and more. The role was my apprenticeship into the publishing world and by the age of 21 I was designing a monthly magazine on my own and sending it to press whilst also interviewing world class country artists and writing features and editorial for inclusion in the magazine.

I stopped working with the company in 2011 when I felt I needed a change of environment and moved to Hand Media, a publishing house with a staple of magazines in the B2B market. After some discussions about the future of Maverick Magazine, it was decided that the magazine would also move over to Hand Media and my old Publisher was retained as Editor. Here I excelled and was given the opportunity to travel to Nashville with Maverick for the first time, alongside numerous trips to other parts of America for the other markets we facilitated including Security, Fire and International Trade. My time at Hand Media was a huge learning curve and eventually I became Studio Manager, and with my incredible team, we produced around 35-40 print magazines a year, alongside maintaining their websites daily and all social media accounts – there were five of us. It was in this time I was also promoted to Editor of Maverick Magazine and Managing Editor of all of the titles in the company.

After six years with Hand Media I felt it was once again time to move on and feeling burnt out after such an excessive pace and a good number of years in magazine publishing, I felt a change was required. This was when I moved to Quadex Exhibitions to work as their Marketing and Social Media Lead for a yearly beauty show, Olympia Beauty. This change was just what I needed and before long I was also creating new branding, designing logos and working on the overall marketing strategy for the show.

After a year with Quadex Exhibitions and finally feeling ready to take the step I’d been meaning to take for many years, in April 2018 I left the company to start Watermill Media and have continued to work on the show ever since.

In October 2018, Olympia Beauty saw an incredible 6% rise in attendance to the show and their competitions The Lash Games and Brush Wars saw a 50% increase in competitors.

I am passionate about everything media related, and enthusiastic about any opportunity that may arise, whether it’s to achieve a short term goal, or taking steps towards a long-term project.

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